UL / IECEx Explosion Proof Flexible Coupling, Flameproof Type, Male to Female End Fitting (1/2"~2")

Model : KF--GJH-F/M Series

UL / IECEx Explosion Proof Flexible Coupling, Flameproof Type, Male to Female End Fitting, KF--GJH-F/M Series is certified with explosion proof standard, UL and ATEX / IECEx. Whole assembly is made by stainless steel with compact and sealing structure providing strong and high-safety protection for electrical equipment used in hazardous environment or the places existing potential risk of explosion. Two end connectors can be switched between male and female thread type depending on installation requirement.

Flameproof type explosion proof flexible coupling is highly flexible to resist bending and explosion pressure meanwhile good to absorb vibration. Suitable to protect the electrical circuit in short distance or at narrow space and the location existing long term vibration. Maintaining safety of facilities in high risk environment and reduce unexpected loss.

Flameproof type explosion proof flexible coupling is especially applied for the environment containing explosive gas, dust or flyings, for example, refinery, offshore oil platform, gas plant, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, grain mill, gas station and etc.

  • Structure/Material:Insulating Liner + Stainless Steel Inner Core + Stainless Steel Braid
  • Conduit Size:1/2" to 2"
  • Conduit Length (L):4" to 36" (UL Regulation)
  • Compression Strength:Max. 2000 psi (1/2", 3/4"), Max. 1200 psi (1"~2")
  • Thread:NPT, M
  • RoHS:Yes
  • Certificate:cULus (E490826), IECEx (IECExUL 20.0075U), ATEX (DEMKO 20 ATEX 2393U Rev. 0), TS (TD09002U)
  • [Remark] Brass construction is another option. This series is under development and will come soon.

  • UL 1203
    Size:1/2", 3/4"
    --- Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D
    --- Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G
    --- Class III

    Size:1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"
    --- Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D
    --- Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G
    --- Class III

    IEC 60079
    Size:1/2″ ~ 2″
    Ex db ⅡC Gb
    Ex tb ⅢC Db

    Size:1/2″ ~ 2″
    Ⅱ 2G Ex db ⅡC Gb
    Ⅱ 2D Ex tb ⅢC Db

  • Ordering Information

  • Conduit Length
    Thread Nominal Size (inch) | Min. Radius of Bend (mm) | Part Number
    1/2" 3/4" 1" 1-1/4" 1-1/2" 2" [N]
    254mm 305mm 356mm 406mm 406mm 406mm
    4" M KF--GJH1F/M411 KF--GJH2F/M411 - - - -
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M421 KF--GJH2F/M421 - - - -
    6" M KF--GJH1F/M611 KF--GJH2F/M611 KF--GJH3F/M611 - - -
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M621 KF--GJH2F/M621 KF--GJH3F/M621 - - -
    8" M KF--GJH1F/M811 KF--GJH2F/M811 KF--GJH3F/M811 - - -
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M821 KF--GJH2F/M821 KF--GJH3F/M821 - - -
    10" M KF--GJH1F/M1011 KF--GJH2F/M1011 KF--GJH3F/M1011 - - -
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M1021 KF--GJH2F/M1021 KF--GJH3F/M1021 - - -
    12" M KF--GJH1F/M1211 KF--GJH2F/M1211 KF--GJH3F/M1211 KF--GJH4F/M1211 KF--GJH5F/M1211 KF--GJH6F/M1211
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M1221 KF--GJH2F/M1221 KF--GJH3F/M1221 KF--GJH4F/M1221 KF--GJH5F/M1221 KF--GJH6F/M1221
    15" M KF--GJH1F/M1511 KF--GJH2F/M1511 KF--GJH3F/M1511 KF--GJH4F/M1511 KF--GJH5F/M1511 KF--GJH6F/M1511
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M1521 KF--GJH2F/M1521 KF--GJH3F/M1521 KF--GJH4F/M1521 KF--GJH5F/M1521 KF--GJH6F/M1521
    18" M KF--GJH1F/M1811 KF--GJH2F/M1811 KF--GJH3F/M1811 KF--GJH4F/M1811 KF--GJH5F/M1811 KF--GJH6F/M1811
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M1821 KF--GJH2F/M1821 KF--GJH3F/M1821 KF--GJH4F/M1821 KF--GJH5F/M1821 KF--GJH6F/M1821
    21" M KF--GJH1F/M2111 KF--GJH2F/M2111 KF--GJH3F/M2111 KF--GJH4F/M2111 KF--GJH5F/M2111 KF--GJH6F/M2111
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M2121 KF--GJH2F/M2121 KF--GJH3F/M2121 KF--GJH4F/M2121 KF--GJH5F/M2121 KF--GJH6F/M2121
    24" M KF--GJH1F/M2411 KF--GJH2F/M2411 KF--GJH3F/M2411 KF--GJH4F/M2411 KF--GJH5F/M2411 KF--GJH6F/M2411
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M2421 KF--GJH2F/M2421 KF--GJH3F/M2421 KF--GJH4F/M2421 KF--GJH5F/M2421 KF--GJH6F/M2421
    27" M KF--GJH1F/M2711 KF--GJH2F/M2711 KF--GJH3F/M2711 KF--GJH4F/M2711 KF--GJH5F/M2711 KF--GJH6F/M2711
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M2721 KF--GJH2F/M2721 KF--GJH3F/M2721 KF--GJH4F/M2721 KF--GJH5F/M2721 KF--GJH6F/M2721
    30" M KF--GJH1F/M3011 KF--GJH2F/M3011 KF--GJH3F/M3011 KF--GJH4F/M3011 KF--GJH5F/M3011 KF--GJH6F/M3011
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M3021 KF--GJH2F/M3021 KF--GJH3F/M3021 KF--GJH4F/M3021 KF--GJH5F/M3021 KF--GJH6F/M3021
    33" M KF--GJH1F/M3311 KF--GJH2F/M3311 KF--GJH3F/M3311 KF--GJH4F/M3311 KF--GJH5F/M3311 KF--GJH6F/M3311
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M3321 KF--GJH2F/M3321 KF--GJH3F/M3321 KF--GJH4F/M3321 KF--GJH5F/M3321 KF--GJH6F/M3321
    36" M KF--GJH1F/M3611 KF--GJH2F/M3611 KF--GJH3F/M3611 KF--GJH4F/M3611 KF--GJH5F/M3611 KF--GJH6F/M3611
    NPT KF--GJH1F/M3621 KF--GJH2F/M3621 KF--GJH3F/M3621 KF--GJH4F/M3621 KF--GJH5F/M3621 KF--GJH6F/M3621
    Note:Nominal size 2" adopts 1-1/2" conduit body.

  • Structure Profile