Stainless Steel Mono Coil Tube (Higher Rigidity) + Tinned Copper Braiding

Flexible Electrical Conduit, Mono Coil Type (MC1-J-TB) is manufactured with stainless steel strip or stainless steel wire by continuous wound in mono coil profile. The conduit sizes is ID 1.7~4.0mm. The feature of this series product are included smaller-caliber, lighter weight, higher bending resistance and superior flexibility. As for the demand of high tensile resistance or preventing the interference of microwave or static electricity in the environment (EMC shielding), electrical flexible conduit with metal mesh braiding is the proper one to choose.

Applications: Extensively applied for the optical measuring instrument, medical instruments, industrial endoscope, optical communication network system, automated system and equipment, robots, light guide tube and etc.
Model : MC1-J-TB

  • Material:Stainless Steel Mono Coil Tube (Higher Rigidity) + Tinned Copper Braiding
  • Temperature Range:-40℃~+350℃
  • IP Rating:IP 40
  • Flexibility:High
  • Tensile Resistance:High
  • EMC Shielding:High
  • RoHS:Yes
Part Number
ID (mm)
OD w/Braiding (mm)
Weight (g/m)
Package/Roll (m)
MC1-J017024-STB 1.7±0.2 2.4±0.2 8 100
MC1-J021029-STB 2.1±0.2 2.9±0.2 15 100
MC1-J028036-STB 2.8±0.2 3.6±0.2 23 100
MC1-J032040-STB 3.2±0.2 4.0±0.2 23 100
MC1-J040050-STB 4.0±0.2 5.0±0.2 28 100