Stainless Steel Mono Coil Tube (Higher Rigidity) + PVC Jacket

Flexible Electrical Conduit, Mono Coil Type (MC2-J-P) is manufactured with stainless steel strip or stainless steel wire by continuous wound in mono coil profile. The conduit sizes is ID 1.7~7.0mm. The feature of this series product are included smaller-caliber, lighter weight, higher bending resistance and superior flexibility. For those locations with splash or higher humidity, electrical flexible conduit with plastic jacket is recommended.

Applications: Extensively applied for the optical measuring instrument, medical instruments, industrial endoscope, optical communication network system, automated system and equipment, robots, light guide tube and etc.
Model : MC2-J-P

  • Material:Stainless Steel Mono Coil Tube (Higher Rigidity) + PVC Jacket
  • Temperature Range:-20℃~+80℃, -40℃~+105℃
  • IP Rating:IP 66
  • Jacket Color:Grey/Red/Blue/Black (Standard), other colors are available by consult.
  • Flexibility:High
  • RoHS:Yes
Part Number
ID (mm)
OD w/Jacket (mm)
Weight (g/m)
Package/Roll (m)
MC2-J017029-SPB 1.7±0.2 2.9±0.2 8 100
MC2-J022032-SPB 2.2±0.2 3.2±0.2 14 100
MC2-J028040-SPB 2.8±0.2 4.0±0.2 19 100
MC2-J040050-SPB 4.0±0.2 5.0±0.2 22 100
MC2-J050065-SPB 5.0±0.2 6.5±0.2 37 100
MC2-J070085-SPB 7.0±0.2 8.5±0.2 50 100