(Soft) Tungsten Braiding Tubing, Double Layer

Flexible Electrical Conduit - Tungsten Steel High Abrasion Resistance Series (EC-WBUWB1), is specially developed for the industrial endoscope check executed in small spaces, more corners and critical environments. It consists of stainless steel mono coil tube and two layers of tungsten steel braiding featuring high abrasion and high temperature resistance. For water and dust proof, a layer of PU jacket can be coated between the tungsten steel braidings. Integrating this wire protection tubing to the structure of industrial endoscope will make it fully adapt the examination carrying out in the pipeline or equipment space with high temperature and humidity, dusty, uneven & coarse, narrow & complicated conditions.

Applicable for the detail inspection of aerospace industry, auto industry, petrochemical industry, power plant, die casting products, etc..
Model : EC-WBUWB1

  • Material:Stainless Steel Mono Coil Tube + Tungsten Braiding + PU Jacket + Tungsten Braiding
  • Temperature Range:-20℃~+80℃
  • IP Rating:IP 66
  • Flexibility:Medium (Rebound Type)
  • Tensile Strength:High
Part Number
ID (mm)
OD w/Braiding (mm)
Weight/Meter (g)
Package/Roll (m)
EC-029047-WBUWB1 2.9±0.1 4.4±0.15 - 100
EC-040059-WBUWB1 4.0±0.1 5.9±0.15 71 100
EC-043061-WBUWB1 4.3±0.1 6.1±0.15 73 100
EC-057075-WBUWB1 5.7±0.1 7.5±0.2 89 100
EC-063081-WBUWB1 6.3±0.1 8.1±0.2 96 100

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