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Company Profile

Chairman:Mr. Amigo Hsu
General Manager:Mr. Awakee Hsu

Foundation:Year 1993
Headquarter:New Taipei City.Taiwan.Asia
Guangdong China (Kaiphone Technology Co., Ltd.)
Zhejiang China (Zhejiang Flexible Technology Co., Ltd.)
Quality System:ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Kaiphone Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 in Taiwan. We are one of minority flexible conduit manufacturers who acquire both UL & CE certificate for their products in Asia. We remain to expand our certified items in these main stream standards in the world year by year.

Major Products:
Metal flexible conduit and fittings,
Non-metallic flexible conduit and fittings,
OEM / ODM products and so on.

Certification:UL / CUL / CE / IEC CB / GB / ATEX / WRAS / ACS
Main Markets:America, Europe, Asia and Middle East….
Wires, fiber optic cables protection for power, electrical systems, machines, residential / commercial & industrial buildings, ships, public transportation systems, lift & escalator and gas tube protection. Water tube protection for kitchen & shower room...etc.

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Short term - Complete product certifications and focus on marketing to organize worldwide sales channel.
Med term - Found a complete and global supply & sales network with brand KAIFLEX.
Long term- Cultivate KAIFLEX to be a world-renowned & reliable brand for conduit and fitting solutions.

No Subject Date
1 TS Certification 2020-07-14
2 UL1203 Certification 2020-07-13
3 IECEx Certification 2020-06-30
4 WRAS Certification 2019-12-17
5 ATEX Certification 2019-12-17
6 UL1696 Certification 2019-09-23
7 UL1696 Certification 2019-09-23
8 UL1696 Certification 2019-09-23
9 UL1696 Certification 2019-09-23
10 UL1 Certification 2019-03-20
11 UL1 Certification 2019-03-20
12 UL1203 Certification 2018-10-14