Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit Fitting, Quick Type, 90 Degree Elbow

Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Fitting, Quick Type, PP63 series is applied on the relay or end point of wiring system to connect flexible conduits, junction box or enclosure for wiring extension and protection. The body is made of PP with RoHS compliance. The fitting is fixed to the junction box or tapped entries by locknut with male NPT thread system and connected with flexible conduit by a nut. This series of connector is designed to 90-degree elbow that is particularly applicable for limited space where the wiring system ended to a junction box or enclosure. The compact structure of this fitting offers feature of moisture and water seal to protect the wiring system. Because fire retardant and resistance of low temperature, corrosion, oil and UV, this series of fitting is benefit to apply to indoor or outdoor environments after assembled with the liquid tight flexible conduit series PLFNCB, PLFNCB2, PULTG, PCULTG, PCBLTG, PHLTG and PNKLTG.
Model : PP63 Series

  • Material:PP
  • Color:Grey (Standard), other colors are available by consult.
  • Temperature Range : -18℃~+60℃
  • IP Rating : IP 68
  • RoHS Compliance : Yes
  • Metallic nuts is optional.
  • Certificate : -
Nominal Conduit Size Nominal Conduit Size NPT Thread Part Number Package/Box (Pcs) Weight/Box (Kg) Certificate Mated With
12 3/8 1/2" PP631-3/8 400 9 icon-u12.png
16 1/2 1/2" PP632-1/2 200 5.2 icon-u12.png
21 3/4 3/4" PP633-3/4 160 5.8 icon-u12.png
27 1 1" PP634-1 100 6.5 icon-u12.png
35 1-1/4 1-1/4" PP635-1-1/4 40 4.1 icon-u12.png
41 1-1/2 1-1/2" PP636-1-1/2 30 3.5 icon-u12.png
53 2 2" PP637-2 16 3.4 icon-u12.png