Metallic Rigid Duct Hose

The Metallic Rigid Duct Hose with fully interlocked structure provides not only flexible for bending but also stay put and support. The Metallic Rigid Duct Hose is efficient on leakage proof for water or oil conveyance under no pressure. With stay put and bracing characteristics, the Metallic Rigid Duct Hose also provides the best protection for wires & cables used in special environmental conditions. The light mass and bright appearance are especially suitable for the installation where the tube is required to be visible after the final assembly.
Model : TFM Series

Tube Material:Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel

ID (mm)
OD (mm)
TFM-001 12.0 14.0
TFM-002 14.0 16.0
TFM-003 16.0 18.0
TFM-004 18.5 20.5
TFM-005 22.2 24.2
TFM-006 23.4 25.4
TFM-007 24.2 26.2
TFM-008 25.5 27.5
TFM-009 29.0 32.0
TFM-010 35.0 38.0
TFM-011 40.0 43.0
TFM-012 51.0 54.0

Safety can, Jerry can, Oil guide tube, Wires and cables protection for heavy machinery turbine or generator. According to different application, the Flexible Tin Plated Steel Tube can be compatible with many set-screw and clamp type fitting. Customized fitting is available.


500 PCS (Length per piece is custom made as your need)