Dresspack Systems & Accessories (Model:KUKA)

Dresspack Systems & Accessories (Model:KUKA)
- Material:PA6
- Size:D36/D48/D70
- Temp.:- 50℃ ~ + 105℃
- Available for ABB / Kuka / Fanuc / Yaskawa
- Long Life Cycle

Kaiphone Technology has accumulated more than twenty years of experience in the development, design and production of electrical flexible metal conduit and fittings.  To expand the product and service range, we decided to involve the field of plastic flexible conduit and fittings four years ago.

In 2019, we have successfully developed a super flexible plastic corrugated conduit (PUCS series) for robotic arms, providing an effective solution for extending the reliability of the robot arm.  Next step, we plan to integrate a more complete and economical total solution service - Dresspack Systems & Accessories basing on our long time experience and capabilities on mold development to meet customer needs from different field of robotic industry and meanwhile connect to new market of automation intelligence industry.

Dresspack Systems Type
- The Spring Assembly
- U-cavity Disc Kit
- Telescopic Box

Anti-collision ring, Pilot sleeve, Permanent Seat, End Sleeve, Deconcentrator, Locating ring, Spherical adapter, 6-axis bracket (tennis racket), Fixed Block, Front-end Sleeve, Movable Accessories....