Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing

Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing (PFMT Series), Galvanized Steel, IP 66, RoHS Compliance. Light weight - only 60% of metal flexible conduit.
Model : PFMT Series

The Chicago Plenum Flexible Metal Tubing, PFMT series is wound with interlock profile by using RoHS compliant galvanized steel strip with advanced zinc coating against corrosion. The tight interlock profile offers feature of airtight and liquid tight without plastic jacket but light weight - only 60% of metal flexible conduit. The interlock structure also allows to bend and stay put. The plenum rated airtight metal pliable conduit is recommended to be wire protection for those devices, equipment or cabling system located in the plenum space above the drop-ceiling or under raised floor.

To assemble with seal type of fitting and install to airtight devices or equipment form an air seal system. It prevents air condition from leakage to promote the energy efficiency. In case of electrical fire, the airtight system block the smoke and toxic gases produced by the combustion of wire jacket not to escape to environment. When the fire sprinkler activate, the feature of liquid tight obstruct water to penetrate to the raceway and control the scale of disaster further to enhance electrical safety. Plenum rated Airtight Metal Pliable Conduit is applicable for the circuits lower than 1000 volts, for example, lighting fixture and other equipment or wiring system.

  • Material:Galvanized Steel
  • Profile:Interlock
  • Temperature Range : -50℃~350℃
  • IP Rating : IP 66
  • Flexibility : Medium
  • RoHS Compliance : Yes
  • Certificate : CE
Nominal Conduit Size Nominal Conduit Size Part Number ID (mm) OD (mm) Bending Radius (mm) Package/Roll (ft/m) Measurement
(LxWxH mm)
Mated With
12 3/8 PFMT-3/8 12.29~12.80 14.22~16.87 255 100 / 30.5 690*690*150
16 1/2 PFMT-1/2 15.75~16.26 18.80~20.32 318 100 / 30.5 800*800*150
21 3/4 PFMT-3/4 20.83~21.34 23.88~25.40 445 100 / 30.5 -