Junction Boxes/Electrical Boxes

Junction Boxes

Product Name : Junction Boxes/Electrical Boxes

Sub-Title : Metal Conduit Accessories

Product Features

Our Junction Boxes and Electrical Boxes are economical, perfect, they all meet the standard requires, easy to use and of long durability. Avoid waiting your time and money on other kind of products in the market that will not fulfill your taste! Why not try any of our products today!

Never rust, complete insulation watertight and dust proof, flame resistant and low temperature resistant easy installation, high safety.

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Product Specifications
Products Material:PC+PBT
Other Material:ABS (For the option of the customer)
Type Specification
No. of Connector(pc) Applied Connector Spec.
2000646 9020 88 88 53 7 1/2"
2000699 9040 98 98 61 7 3/4"
2000645 9060 139 118 70 10 3/4"~1"
2000641 9100 167 125 82 10 3/4"~1"
A container for electrical connections.