Metallic Flexible Conduit (CE)

Metallic Flexible Conduit (CE)
Technical Drawing

Product Name : Metallic Flexible Conduit (CE)

Sub-Title : Liquid Tight Metal Conduit

Product Features

The Metallic Flexible Conduit is in good flexibility and extensibility and surface is neat. The characteristics of tube can be adjusted customized according to different requirements. The tube can be coated with braiding or plastic cover. The material of plastic cover is optional for different characteristics of oil resistant, abrasion resistant, low temperature resistant or fire retardant.

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Product Specifications

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For wire protection:Lighting, Communication equipment, Sensing system, Temperature indicator (Thermometer), Medical equipment, Fire alarm system, Security equipment…

For power cable protection:Low fire hazard building, Lighting, Machinery, Elevator, Computer facilities, Automobile, Aircraft industry or Nuclear power stand, Petrochemical industry, Mining, Vessel, Solar power equipments…

For kitchen and sanitary:Shower hose, Rinse hose…

Others:Gas tube…

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