Flexible Conduit

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Flexible Conduit Manufacturer

Our company has professional technique in producing various kinds of Flexible Conduit, including Electrical Flexible Conduit, UL Listed Metal Conduit, Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit, Metallic Flexible Conduit, Interlock Gooseneck Tube, Mono Coil Tube, Flexible Tin Plated Steel Tube etc.
As we put the highest emphasis on the quality control and customer satisfaction, we have enjoyed an excellent reputation all over the world.

Approvals: UL(UL 1/UL 360), CUL, CSA, CE, ATEX and CCS....

Applications: Medical equipment, Fire alarm system, Security equipment, Sensing system, Low fire hazard building, Elevator, Computer facilities, Aircraft industry, Lighting, OA wiring, Machinery, Mining, Shower hose, Earphone of headset, USB lighting, Endoscopy/Laparoscopy, Inlet/outlet tube of sanitary hardware & water filter, Fiber optic light guide, Flexible tube of fan coil and so on.
Electrical Flexible Conduit
UL Listed Metal Conduit (UL1)
Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit (UL360)
Metallic Flexible Conduit (CE)
Gooseneck Tube
Mono Coil Tube
Flexible Tin
Plated Steel Tube